The Bridge To Kids® 2016 | School Supply Drive!

Your donation makes a difference!  Thank you for your support.  Every dollar we receive goes to changing lives.  We take your gifts seriously, and we make every effort to maximize your investment in our organization.  

We are in a school supply drive for the 800 homeless children we serve each week through The Bridge To Kids program.  We are asking individuals and churches to help us provide these simple items.

Here's how you can help!

1.  Have a school supply/backpack drive at your church or business. Collect the supplies listed below and drop them by The Bridge warehouse between 10 am and 4 pm Monday through Thursday no later than Monday, August 8th.

2.  If you are too busy to rally the troops or time is running out to collect these items, taking a collection at your church or business may be a good alternative for you. Please feel free to do whatever you can. You may drop any supplies or monies collected by our office @533 Brick Church Park Drive, Nashville TN 37027 or donate now.

3. Help us pray for the children as they go back to school this fall that God's hand is upon them and that his protection is surrounds them.

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Donate a Bridge to Kids "Back To School" Backpack!

Put the number in the box to indicate how many backpacks you would like to donate.



1.  Backpack
2.  Pencils #2 (sharpened)
3.  24 pack of Crayons
4.  Dry Erase Markers
5.  Loose Leaf Paper (wide-ruled)
6.  Four Pocket Folder
7.  Index Cards
8.  Construction Paper
9.  Spiral Notebooks (wide-ruled)
10. Elmer's Glue
‚Äč11. Glue Sticks
12. Pencil Keeper
13. Rounded Scissors
14. Composition Notebook
15. Non-smudge Erasers
16. Washable Markers
17. Colored Pencils
18. Regular Pocket Folders

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